Though they might not make a big impact on your PS4 storage space, you will be surprised to find that some saved documents take up large spaces that. What you can imagine, so it is only right that you get rid of some files to free up some space – and luckily, Sony permits you to back up your files on a cloud or USB storage.

You will find that the majority of these games don’t have the right optimization, so when they save files, they ren to occupy lots of space than what is expected. Just so that you can figure out the worst offenders, it is recommended that you follow this pattern; Navigate to settings, click on Application Saved Data Management, the go-to Saved Data in System Storage, click on Delete.

You will be able to find the amount that each game or application take up, so you need to find any game that you don’t really have interest in at that moment but they are taking lots of storage space. Select the option to delete and choose the specific save file for each game. Right before you clear off these games, it is recommended that you create a backup in case you may be interested in playing the game.

In such instances, you need to follow this step, navigate to settings, next is to Application Saved Data Management, click on Saved Data in System Storage and the next step is Copy to USB Storage Device. This enables you to have a backup of all your documents and files to a USB stick or external hard drive, just in case you want to enjoy the game once again.

If perchance you have a passionate interest in PlayStation Plus, fortunately, I have some news for you. Sony offers a feature that permits you to back up your saved files in the cloud, so you have the option to delete them and reuse them at your own discretion. It is highly recommended that you carefully check the backups and see to it that they are working in the manner they should before you go ahead and delete them. Navigate to settings and then Application Saved Data Management, next you to Saved Data in System Storage, then you can upload to online storage and be sure that the documents and will are uploaded before you go ahead and delete them from your storage drive.

Connect an external hard drive

If you don’t have the intentions of deleting any of your files or games and you have deleted some but you still need some space, then what that implies is that you need to have your storage space expanded. There are two means you can go about performing this task: connecting an external storage drive or upgrading the internal USB hard drive.

PlayStation 4 owners had to stay patient for years before Sony allowed games installs into the external USB hard drives, fortunately, the system update 4.5 from Sony came with this particular functionality in the first quarter of 2017. If perchance you don’t own a storage drive, it is advised that you opt for the Western Digital (WD) – My Passport hard drives. They come in a wide variety of sizes that is up to 4 TB.

It is important you are aware of the fact that there are different factors to be considered. The PlayStation 4 is compatible with USB 3.0 hard drives, however, you need to be careful when formatting the hard drive to support your gaming console.