Perhaps some of you believe that pickleball paddles are made in the same way using the same methods. As such, all of the paddles you can find are the same. This is a mistake. In reality, there are standard and modified versions. Standard ones are traditional paddles that meet strict rules. It states that height multiplied by the width must not exceed 24 inches. This is essential if you are a professional. If you are a beginner, you may find a different type of paddle more desirable. Let’s discuss those versions.

Edgeless versus edge layered models

First of all, you will have to make a massive difference between edgeless and edged paddles. Edgeless refer to the paddles that don’t have a rubber layer around them. They are more prone to damages but offer a better link with the ball. Of course, some players prefer this type specifically.

At we can see plenty of models that are layered with a protective rubber. They are considered as more user-friendly, they are more affordable and for most users, they look better. There is no need to add that they also last longer.

Do you need an oversize paddle?

Most of you have been a part of the game for a short period of time. If you are one of them, you may find an oversized paddle a right choice. They are basically the same as conventional paddles, except for one massive difference. They have a shorter handle and a wider base. This makes them easier to use, you can have a better control over the ball and chances are decreased that you will miss the ball.

Keep in mind that these models still meet the aforementioned regulation. They have the width multiplied by the height under 24 inches, so they can still be used in professional tournaments.

Elongated models

Elongated models are precisely as the name tells you. They are longer than conventional paddles and as such, they may reach up to 17 inches of the height. This type of paddles is allowed by USAPA and they can be used in professional matches or tournaments freely. Models that are longer than 17 inches are banned and can’t be used.

Advantages are obvious. You get the ability to inflict a more powerful shot and you have a bigger surface to hit the ball. These models are common among beginners and they are even recommended by the experts. We agree on that claim, but if you are planning to play pickleball as a professional, you may want to stick to classical paddles. You will need a bit more time to master, but you will easily move to another paddle.

The final word

Above we have explained all the types of pickleball paddles you can own today. Keep in mind that you should choose the model that meets your requirements perfectly and the one that feels right in your hand. After that, you will be ready to start mastering the skills and improve them.