I remember going to college in California and one of the most interesting memories that I had has nothing to do with great surrounding or very expensive cars or toys like that.

Usually, when people think about the best things in life, they usually think of luxury items. They think about great vacations or really exciting and interesting celebrities that they met along the way.

None of that is involved in my greatest memory of Northern California. When I was in college, we would all hang out at the square and there would be all these people. We’re talking about people from all walks of life.

There are fraternity guys who come from very wealthy families from Northern and Central California. There are druggies; people who are addicted to all sorts of substances. There are homeless people. There are college activists; the kinds who make the news because of the altercations they get into with the police.

In the other words, it was a great cross action of the typical Berkeley left of center with a smattering of no conservative voices in the crowd. What really cemented this particular memory in my mind on a really deep and resonant personal level was that regardless of our differences in lifestyle, regardless of how much money we have or didn’t have, and regardless of what educational attainment, we all agreed on one thing and one thing alone: music.

In this square, people were playing guitars, people who were just random homeless people or travelling hippies were just banging on buckets to turn them into drums. It was this environment of invention, creativity and randomness that really made for a truly creative atmosphere.

This is the kind of creative atmosphere that you don’t get in places like Stanford in Palo Aalto. You just don’t get that. Everything there is ordered. Everything there is logical. Here it’s more creative. Everything is flowing from the heart.

And it’s no surprise that  a lot of these students that formed that drum circle at 6:00 PM every Friday night went on to become doctors, lawyers, business leaders. Some became congressmen. This is the kind of thing that Northern California fostered.

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