The funny thing about art is that it’s too easy for people to restrict it in some sort of form. Seriously, a lot of people say that art is just a painting. Art is sculpture. Art is arts and crafts.

In other words, they’re confusing the media or the end product with the process of art. What if I told you that art is the process? What if I told you that art is about being in the present moment and not knowing what comes next?

It’s being surprised by this weird combination that just comes out of nowhere. It’s the anticipation or the sense of impending beauty or the range of emotional turbulence that you go through that really constitutes art.

That blows the minds of most people because they can’t quite wrap their mind around it. They’re always looking at the final product. They’re always looking at the painting, the paint on the canvas, the chipped rock, the cloth arranged in a certain way, the colors, the texture.

They’re focused on the medium instead of the process. This is why the American art world really blew up when in controversy, when the famous abstract expressionist artist, Jackson Pollock made the scene.

You know what Pollock’s artwork was? He would basically drip paint on canvas. That’s it. Now, the first impression of a lot of people is, “I can do that. Why pay this guy millions of dollars for something a three-year-old could do?”

Well, here’s the thing. Jackson Pollock didn’t just splash paint on a canvas and called it a day. Instead, he had an elaborate dance that he would go through as he dripped paint all over the canvas.

What you see is actually the signature or the final product of the process. The real art is in the dance. The real art is in the anticipation and that blew my mind when I saw videos of Jackson Pollock doing this because his work really summarized what art has always been.

It’s the process. It’s not the destination. It’s kind of like being a kid going to Disneyland. It’s the trip to Disneyland that is the most fun, not being in Disneyland itself.

Do you see where I’m coming from? This is why you can find art everywhere, even in terms of the formulation of shakeology shake recipes. I know that sounds crazy, but when you look at the formulation, you can see the attention to detail.

You can see many different options out there, but the person making the formulation chose on set of options over another. There is art in there.

So, do yourself a big favor. Understand how the art process works. Get in to that mindset and you will quickly realize, sooner rather than later, that art is pretty much everywhere.