When small elements are gathered together to achieve a big impact, they are the things that actually make a huge difference in a photo. Even when you’re out to just create additional portfolio content so as to have an effect on your future clients, it’s important to look at some of the prominent elements that can make a photo stand out from the crowd. This article seeks to enumerate on the things that go into a planned photo session, such as a sesion de fotos con J. Leal, en Paris.

  1. A concept, idea or plot

People in the creative field usually have many ideas flying through their minds and if those ideas are not written down with 15-30 seconds of them cropping up, it’s possible that they will be forgotten. Through persistence or maybe a bit of luck, those ideas could blossom into a beautiful session.


  1. Equipment, timing, and location.

While it’s possible to carry out the session you’ve been planning with the use of minimal equipment, it’s also possible to fill up your studio with every crazy gadget you can lay your hands on to light up where you’d be working so that you get all the flexibility you need to achieve your goal. Any location could be useful, the important thing is that it connects with your concept and ideas. Positioning and timing are also two huge factors to consider and making a wise choice can result in dramatic outcomes even during daytime.


  1. Crew

This is as important as all the other factors when you’re trying to create a work of art. Your crew should have a complete understanding of the task and they should give 100% cooperation on the set. Your budget might be huge if you’re working on a big print ad, but if you’re doing a regular session like a sesion de fotos con J. Leal, en paris, you’re allowed to fix your own budget.