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Knowledge is power” so goes a popular cliché. Indeed, it is a truism that knowledge is a powerful tool in the hand of its possessor. It is even more so in this time that referred to as the age of information. When an individual is armed with the right information and knowledge, he/she will save valuable time and energy he/she could have expended on trying to discover how something works. It takes information to succeed in business and in business.

From ancient times, man has always sought the knowledge to understand himself and his surroundings. The quest for the understanding of self and nature, in turn, gave rise to the desire to pass the knowledge to the coming generation.

Before human learned the art of writing, learning and knowledge was passed down orally and was clearly defective as people can quickly forget what they were taught pretty too soon. The invention of writing was a welcomed advancement as it made learning easier and knowledge could be preserved for a long time. However, it was expensive to learn, and only the rich could afford to pay for it.

The invention of the typewriter dramatically changed the learning landscape, and books became quickly printed in large quantities and transported from one country to another, thus spreading knowledge and making learning accessible and less costly.

The Internet as the Never Ending Revolution

The advent of the internet has completely and dramatically changed the process and concept of learning and knowledge acquisition in a way that was not imagined just some few decades back. The internet has thrown up a vast pool of learning resources and sources. It has made it possible to learn quickly and anywhere, even in the comfort of our bedrooms. Anyone can now learn or be trained in the most complex field without traveling great distances or spending a fortune.

Montparnasse, the Gateway to Knowledge

As the internet has turned into the center of learning, there has also become a vast pool of information sources on the internet. This sounds great; however, not all these sites (source) have quality information. In fact, some of the sources are outright garbage, and are virtually useless. Montparnasse came around for the need to tackle and solve this problem. To do this, regularly scans the web with its powerful tools for information/training source on the internet. The information/training found are analyzed by a group of highly trained experts in that particular field who then determined whether the information/training contained in it is worthwhile.

The good sources of quality information/training on the internet are listed on to help you easily navigate through the confusing maze of the internet. The list is regularly updated to remove old non-working links and add new sources. Montparnasse will continue to provide quality gateways to learning/training on the internet.

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In this time and age when the man with the right information holds all the cards and make the rule, learning has become more than important like never before. As important as it is, it must be emphasized that one does not.

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The acquisition of knowledge

The acquisition of knowledge

The acquisition of knowledge is a complex process and one that requires the guidance of someone well experienced in the art. In time past, only the wealthy nobles could afford to pay for the education of their wards, and they usually go for the best acclaimed genius of the time.

While learning is cheap nowadays, especially web based learning; the learning process has not changed much in the sense that it requires a more knowledgeable person to transfer his/knowledge to another for learning to take place. In the past, it was easy to find a tutor because the numbers of educated citizens were small, and all were well known. The same cannot be said of today’s globalized world where contact with a tutor is not necessary.

The world and the internet are full of false claims and scammers who are prowling the cyber space looking for the inexperienced folks to take advantage of. For this reason, it has become highly necessarily to use authority sites to find a perfect online resource center. The Internet does not discriminate on the type of information being uploaded every second. As the internet has turned into the center of learning, there has also become a vast pool of information sources on the web. However, not all these sites (source) have quality information. In fact, some of the sources are outright garbage and are virtually useless. Thus it is not just important to learn it is more important to learn how to learn

Nanosig is an organization that has been established to solve this problem, and it has succeeded in no small measure in finding a lasting solution. For the past 17 years, Nanosig has been at the leading frontline in compiling valuable learning resources on the internet into one place, thus making them easier to find. It has been a journey with a lot of challenges, but with determination, passion and commitment to make valuable knowledge resources readily available Nanosig has succeeded in this task. Today, it is not uncommon to hear someone refer to us as the information resource kings. your gateway to learning on the online helps you to bring your desired online courses in one place. We do all the hard work and you enjoy all the benefit without costing you anything. Yes, our service is absolutely free, we do not charge a dim and we have no affiliate relationship with the providers of the courses listed on our website, and thus do not get anything from them. Our reward is the joy of seeing you acquire new knowledge over the internet without falling into the hand of scammers.

The traditional system of education

The traditional system of education

There are some problems with the traditional system of education. First, it is necessary to pay an enormous amount of money to get admitted to attending a prestigious school. Even after paying such outrageous amount, there is no guarantee that one will get the value of that money. Busy classrooms and a shortage of courses, you will not always have the opportunity to study exactly what you want, and how you want it.

It is no wonder why millions of individuals around the world are taking the opportunity afforded them by the internet to opt for online courses and training.  Online learning has to be the greatest revolution in contemporary education. It made a great dramatically change in the learning system and opened up great opportunities for all who want to learn something.

Of course, the advantages are almost infinite. However, we list out the most important five (5) benefits.

  1. You can learn what you want!

One of the benefits of choosing to learn over the internet is that you have the liberty to choose the program of your dream. In the conventional education, your choice is limited and would involve you traveling away from home, living in an entirely unknown city, and struggling in a highly competitive learning environment. With online education, you can take any program or course present in traditional four-year colleges.

  1. Lower costs.

Learning online is extremely cheap compared to the traditional educational system. The fact is that online programs are more advantageous compared to those held in a traditional campus setting is enough to convince them to consider them. The average enrollment of online courses is much higher multiple factors, so it varies from one program to another.

  1. Online courses look great on curriculum vitae.

No matter where your career is at the moment; an online program will always look good on your resume. It will be shown to potential employers that you are committed to learning and that you are eager to gain more knowledge and new skills. Hiring managers do not see online degrees/courses as inferior to the traditional ones. Knowledge is knowledge. If you get an online degree/certification from a prestigious university, you will increase your career with the speed of light. You will no doubt become a better candidate for a job promotion, and your resume will look much attractive when new positions are available.

  1. Comfort.

With online courses, you are afforded room to feed comfortable. You can forget about attending classes for hours on end, sitting on a hard chair, and suffering from back pain at the end of the day. When you opt for learning online, you will not be required to physically class session. All the necessary conferences, videos, webinars, and materials are provided through online platforms, so you can easily have access to them from the comfort of your home. You do not take public transportation to get to the campus, and you will not have to be spending money on gas to power your car. You do not have to get up early to get dressed for class. The list of conveniences is almost inexhaustible.

  1. Learning at your own pace

When you start browsing the internet for exciting online courses and programs, you’ll notice the Self-Learning tag on most of them. What does this mean? Learning at your own pace means that you can begin to complete the objectives at any time, and they can organize a learning program that meets their individual needs. And with videos, you will always have the opportunity to watch again even while lying down in the comfort of your bed.