We know that everyone has an idea that could be valuable for another person out there. In this internet age, you do not have to travel in order to transfer your knowledge to another person. All you need is to put it down in writing as e-book, a video or other electronic storage form and find a good platform to publish your course.

Before you start though, I would have you to bear it in mind that you cannot just publish your course on just any platform and expect to achieve success. Yes, your idea may be the greatest thing there is, and have the potential to change the world. However, if it is dumped in an obscure publishing platform, or a well known dubious website, chance are that no one will be willing to buy it, and all your effort will be a waste.

To help you avoid this pit fall, here in no particular order the list of the best top five (5) platforms to publish your online courses.

  1. Udemy
    You would be expecting this to make a list if you are conversant with online courses. Udemy is a household name and is by far the most popular solution for building and selling courses online. It has been known to have mixed reviews online, but their network is unmatched in bringing in more students and boosting your sales. The construction of its course is done on the Udemy dashboard, and when it is finished, it gives access to the millions of potential students in the Udemy community.Process any credit card, but keep in mind that Udemy keeps 50% of your income when you help promote the course to a student. However, if you bring a student without the aid of Udemy, 100% of the revenue goes to you.
  2. Mine Academy
    This platform is one of the best options when it comes to making your courses online and selling them online. This is an all-in-one solution, which means that it provides a complete website for you to launch and start selling your courses online.Also, you have a choice to choose from a number of fully hosted templates that contains landing pages, galleries and course pages that you offer without having to configure them yourself. Academy of Mine is a solid choice as it is a complete system of course creation and learning. This means that you can generate chapters or units, and give time contests, certificates, assignments, and badges. Also, it includes a forum to chat,Accept and PayPal credit cards to sell your courses, and take advantage of various marketing features such as affiliate program, email marketing, and live seminar.
  3. Teachable
    Teachable is another favorite, as it was initially intended to address some of the problems that people had seen with Udemy. That said, Teachable has an impressive builder who is more focused on and uniqueness, branding as unlike the more cookie cutter Templates from places like Udemy.Multilingual support is an advantage, and the integrated blog gives you a better opportunity to improve SEO. Questionnaires and discussion forums help keep people around, and the marketing tools are fantastic. It offered solutions for email marketing, coupons, landing pages, international payments and affiliate programs.
  4. Suzuku
    Ruzuku is another online course sales solution that is full of features. For starters, course management is quick and easy, and almost any media file can be loaded to sell to your customers. Help your students track their progress and result throughout the course, and ask them to talk to other students in the community.Feel free to integrate with Mail Chimp, and see how automated emails come out to notify people of upcoming courses. Along with the integration of Stripe and PayPal, the Ruzuku system has daily backups, teleconferences and support options for things like phone, email, live chat and social media.
  5. The WizIQ
    The WizIQ system has some unique features, as it provides two valuable solutions. One is called the online academy and the other the virtual classroom. The online academy is more for posting videos and other files to sell. Students can follow whenever they want and access tests, assessments and share documents. Mobile learning is a significant advantage, and the course management includes an interactive whiteboard to share with your students.The virtual classroom on the other hand, module works for video and audio calls, meeting rooms and surveys.