is a celebration of everything and anything related to the famous Montparnasse District of France. This is the historical district where amazing French artists lived in. Whether you’re a big fan of French impressionist are or whether you’re just a big fan of art history, Montparnasse should occupy a special place in your mind, if not your heart.

After all, modern art originated in France. I know it’s hard to believe given the fact that the certain of gravity in the modern art world has switched irrevocably to New York City. But this hasn’t always been the case. In fact, prior to 1914, the center of the art world was firmly French. We’re talking about Paris, France.

This was the case for at least 200 years prior. If you’re looking for anything and everything related to European culture, high society or the finer things in life, you only needed to look at Paris, France and would not have to worry about anything else. Paris, France was the center of the world as far as anything art-related was concerned. But things changed after World War I and things pretty much looked permanent after World War II.

But make no mistake about it. Montparnasse still resonates in so many levels with the art world. You really cannot consider yourself a truly cultured person without at least having some passing knowledge regarding this part of France. This is why it’s a good idea to get into the mindset of a French artist because believe it or not, it is actually quite practical.

When you assume the sensibility of a French artist and it doesn’t really matter whether the artist is Cubist or Impressionist. You get to understand value. You get to size up the importance of value and you also become fully aware of the importance of context. You see, something is only valuable when you compare it to something else. There’s always context to everything. This is what a lot of people miss out especially when it comes to practical day to day concerns when buying consumer products.

For example, when you read sewing machines reviews, it’s very easy to think that just because the reviewer gets all excited about a particular range of products that this is the end-all and be-all solution to all your problems. The problem is that when you’re using so many machines, you’re not just using it in one context. You’re not just using it to produce one readily predictable and unchanging set of outcomes.

If you are anywhere near like the average consumer of such machines, you need to change. They not only change now but will probably change in the future. That’s just the way life is. And if you rely on sewing machines reviews that seem like they are set in stone, you are going to have a problem.

This is why thinking like a French artist, like for example, Picasso and Braque, you tend to see situations. You tend to see the changing and temporary nature of situations. This enables you to make decisions that will continue to be relevant and effective long into the future.

This is how you read sewing machines reviews like a French artist. You notice how temporary things are. You also can trace solutions to outcomes and results. That’s how it works. Believe or not, it may seem wild right now but it is actually quite practical. It might seem irrelevant at some level but if you actually practice this, you’d be surprised as to how predictable your results become.