The guarantee from Gotham steel pans is that you can use it for the stickiest recipe such as condensed milk, marshmallow, and chocolate chips and they would still slide off. There’s also an assurance that you can use it with microwave heat as high as 500 degrees. A Gotham steel pan review claims that no scratches will be left on it even if you beat eggs using a metal hand blender. Due to its non-stick property, there are claims that you don’t need to use oil or butter in your meals as your food won’t stick even if you don’t use any oils.

The claim of the manufacturers of Gotham steel is that the number of healthy meals you can cook on Gotham steel pans is limitless. Whether it’s a grilled steak or a flaky salmon, Gotham steel pans claim that you can make them all perfectly. With traditional pans, getting burnt cheese off the surface can be impossible, but with Gotham steel pans, even shredded cheese slides off the pan easily and completely. There’s also a claim that party dips can be made in them by shaping a bowl.

In one Gotham steel pan review, a customer who tried out a Gotham steel pan discloses that using titanium goes a long way in making it light and strong while its material that’s highly tensile heats up swiftly and evenly. Some of the benefits and features of the pan are that it is nonreactive, nonporous, nonallergic and has an antibacterial surface. The benefit of the non-sticky feature is that it helps in the easy preparation of healthy food, and once you have a washcloth you can clean it off swiftly with an effortless wipe. There is a collective concern amongst Gotham steel pan customers about titanium being really inert and not needing any coating with the pan remaining non-toxic.