There are a handful of words that the squishy collectors make use of when describing Squishies, but this article is centered on the vocabulary used by squishy collectors when describing Windsor Smiths Squishies. You will find some of the popular ones discussed;


This squishy collector vocabulary implies that a squishy has cracks/rips on it, or perhaps the internal part of the squishy is showing.


This is vocabulary that is used to describe when Squishies take a period to rise and return to their original nature after they have been squished.


This vocabulary is employed to describe a squishy that is not slow rising or a squishy is hard.


Kawaii is a Japanese word that means “cute”. It is sometimes used to describe Squishies.

Squishies and Social Media

It is important you are aware of the fact that Squishies are very popular globally and they have a number of followers and a well-received community of social media

The Kawaii Community

The kawaii community is an online platform where Squishies are members. The kawaii community is one whose members appreciate cute and kawaii things

Squishies and YouTube

There are a number of channels on Youtube that are dedicated to showing and talking Squishies in their videos. One among the channels that place their focus on Squishies ad is very renown has about 120k subscribers.

Squishies and Instagram

There are a number of accounts on Instagram that are dedicated to creating contents on Squishies. On the other hand, there are accounts that make use of this opportunity to market Squishies.

Here are some factors for finding the right windsor smiths squishies:

1. Size
There’s squishies available in various sizes so it’ important to consider the factors when picking one. It will help you select the right squishy. Make sure to remember the size of the squishy will have an effect on the price. You can find mini squishies as low as $1 while jumbo ones often cost $20 or more. So before you start shopping make sure to consider the size you’re shopping for.

2. Design
There’s tons of different styles you can pick from when shopping for squishies. They include soda can, taco, cotton candy, donut, cake, ice cream cone, and tons of other ones. The design is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a new squishy. You can find just about every design possible.

It all starts with the general type of squishy you pick. However, there are other factors to consider like the colors. This will help you to select the exact squishy you want to buy. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a cake squishy. You can find tons of different types like mermaid, unicorn, and even narwhal. This provides you even more options so you can find the exact squishy you’re looking for. It also gives you many more options based on the various styles available.

3. Price
What’s the price range of squishies? They can vary from $1 to $30+. It really depends on various factors. They include various factors like brand, style, design, etc. Another factor is whether the unit is new or used. You can find squishies at rock-bottom prices if you buy a used one. However, the drawback is you’ll have to deal with the issues of used products. If you’re going to buy a used squishy make sure you buy an almost new or “nused” one so it’s in excellent shape.

4. Brand
There’s many brand names that manufacture squishies. However, not all of them are making high-quality units. That’s why you should definitely do some research about some of the top brands in the industry. It’s a good idea to consider established brands instead of off brands in order to get the best products possible.

5. Scented
There’s also squishies that are scented like raspberry, cotton candy, grape soda, etc. This adds another dimension to the squishies since you can enjoy their fragrant smell. The price of these squishies will be somewhat higher due to the scent that’s added. However, it could be argued it’s worthwhile if it means you can enjoy the extra feature of the unit.

6. Quality
This will greatly be due to the squishy brand you pick. It will also have an effect on factors like the functionality and durability. This is why it’s a good idea to consider picking established brands. Spending more money on your squishies is worth it if it means you’re getting a better quality product. The old saying that you get what you pay for generally applies when buying products including squishies.