It is important you are aware of the fact that the executive condo show model is one that comes with a model that is scaled in a manner that covers the entire development. If you are in need of more information about the Executive condominium, the model is one that can be of assistance in the sense that it can help you with an analysis. You can in your spare time look out Rivercore residences EC location and further imagine yourself residing within the model.

It is advised that you look up the paths that you can make use of when you are in need of getting around and it is recommended that you look up the unit that you desire and what you will be to see when you peek through the window. It is important that you to know how the sun will get into the unit most especially in the afternoons and in the mornings. If your unit is close to the road, take time to get to know more about the traffic and if noise might be one of the factors that will make your stay an inconvenient one.

You can opt for many floor plans when you are making that choice of a perfect ideal Executive Condominium. In addition, the developer’s provides various layouts on the brochure. Either you can look at them on the official website or you can perhaps take advantage of them. Majority of the agents of such type of property will make sure that you acquire a domain name and then input all the necessary information to get high sales leads.

Essential Consideration for Rivercove Residences EC Location

At this point, it is important that you learn about what can make you land on the best Ricovercove residences EC location. Before you even tap on the location, do you know how to avail an EC unit in Singapore? What are the documents that you must prepare in order to get approved for your application? Do take note that not all foreigners are applicable for an EC unit since it is initially designed for young Singaporeans that are working near the city district or for those that have lived in Singapore for a very long time and want an easier property to own. EC is the answer for these.

Based on the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s data, the number of EC units that have already been sold by developers went high to 572 in March last year from 492 of March 2016. This indicates a 16.2 percent increase. The customer’s demand for private housing, including the EC units, shows steady increase. Part of the reason is because the current interest rate climate that is in an all time low and Singapore’s raising income growth. With these two factors playing here, there are more new EC units launched in the past couple years for the purpose of catering to such demands.

The creation of EC units was first introduced in 1999 by the government of Singapore. They are a hybrid type wherein it falls between private and public housing. They resemble like the private condominiums since it comes with guarded security, clubhouses, swimming pools, playgrounds and a whole lot more. They are managed and built by private developers, but they are offered at a cheaper price compared to luxury units since the cost of the land is subsidized by its government. Usually, the EC units are located far from the MRT stations and the city centre – at lands where it is more affordable.

General eligibility

The most important factor one must consider when thinking about buying an EC unit is their eligibility. Many people fail at this mark because they think it is easy to get an EC unit, especially among foreigners. The other factors are useless if you don’t address this first. In order to curb the demand of the ECs, eligibility requirements are established by the government. And because they are done by the government, don’t expect that they are that easy to accomplish. There are only a few of these requirements, but it is a must that you check them all before you move on to other factors.

These requirements generally fall on the following:

  • Age must be at least 21 years old; or 35 years old if the buyer is applying under Joint Singles scheme
  • As with citizenship, one is expected to be a Singaporean; or at least one other applicant must be a Permanent Resident or Singapore Citizen; all singles that are applying for the Joint Singles Scheme must be Singapore Citizens first.
  • The income ceiling of each applicant must not exceed $14,000.