Epoxy coatings are not only for application on garage floors, they are excellent options for the floors of the basement. If perchance you have a basement with some sort of problems with water, it is important you are aware of the fact that epoxy flooring is an ideal solution. It is without a doubt that epoxy is waterproof, you will not experience carpet pulling up and having to replace the carpet whenever it is raining, what is expected of you is to mop it or vacuum it up with the shop vac. In addition, epoxy flooring is mildew and mold resistant and it is important you are aware of the fact that epoxy flooring is allergen free, stain resistant and it is not difficult to clean. For the best garage floor epoxy coating reviews, visit our website.

It is without a doubt that preparation of the floor is very vital, right before the coating is applied, the pores present in the concrete is needed to be open. The preparation of the floor begins with oil stains removal and sealers or perhaps any other material or substance that can contaminate the epoxy. The epoxy will not adhere to any contaminants or oil. The second phase is when the top surface of the floor is ground with a shot blaster or a diamond grinder, as it tends to open up the pores. Acid etching, on the other hand, does not sufficiently have the pore open. You will need to have a great vacuum because of the dust very terrible and dangerous to your health. The third phase right after the pores are now open is to have the concrete cleaned with a leaf blower and a vacuum.

Epoxy Coating Reviews: Considerations for the Home

A lot of customers ask about the best epoxy coating for floors and why that particular epoxy is better. The costs are also included in the inquiry as well. You are here because you don’t want to end up buying the wrong epoxy coating. The only way to avoid doing this is by learning more about the epoxy facts and also what causes the coatings to fail or at least from your point-of-view, looks like it failed. Learning and reading to understand these specifications you are considering for every epoxy is what really is important.

There are processes that you need to consider:

  • The costs with applying the high quality multi-layered epoxy coating system when you compare them with the off-shelf water or hybrid based epoxies
  • The kind of look and finish you want to achieve.
  • Degree of durability that you need or want.
  • The current condition that your garage’s concrete floor is in.

The best choice for epoxy floor coatings is 100 percent solids, like it doesn’t contain any solvents. This is perfect for households that are looking for long-lasting and tough garage floor. This is the type of epoxy coating wherein it “cures” on a chemical process wherein it leaves that hard, dense and attractive surface. Such an option can be more costly than the options that will be presented below and at the same time more demanding when it comes to installation.

However, a 100 percent epoxy floor coating is a good DIY project. This means that you can do it yourself without hiring professionals to do it. All you need to do is buy a kit that is designed for one-car garage, which is usually offered at a price of $250. The easiest product that you can find in Costco is EpoxyMaster. Performance and Epoxy-Coat also sell similar kits, which you can buy online.

Solvent-based, Two Part Epoxy Floor Coating

The following: Rust-Oleum, Quikrete and Behr are very popular DIY 2-part epoxy floor coatings in which they are readily available to be used. You can find them in the paint department, hardware and home improvement stores. Epoxy coating products that fall under this category are water-based just like the latex paint. It is easier to work and clean up compared to the 100 percent solid coatings. The trade-off here is that the thinner coating doesn’t last that long.

One-Part chemical Solvent Based

This one is not really considered an epoxy floor coating, but it is still categorized as such since it is applied on the same surface. A true epoxy coating are in 2 parts. Before its application, its resin is blended with a hardener. The one-part epoxy coating is actually pre-mixed, making it very convenient. However, based on how it is described, it is no different from regular paint.

This may be a decent choice to go with if you really don’t use your garage that much and that you do not mind touching it up every few years.