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Welcome to Montparnasse is an internet educational organization that was borne out of the need to tackle the world’s internet learning problem and provide a lasting solution. As the zillions of information being added to the web on a daily basis became complicated to browse through and separate valuable knowledge resource contents from duplicate information, Montparnasse came to the scene and took the task of it to solve the problem. After more than a decade, it has succeeded in the task and has surpassed expectation. Today, it is being celebrated by educationalist, the general public, and many organizations and governments.

Montparnasse is well known for innovation in the fields of internet research and analysis and has demonstrated know-how and technical expertise in these sectors. As the world leading internet educational research organization, we have office and facilities across the globe, and regularly get a lot of requests, inquiries, and proposals. So here we are right with you, bringing our service to you anywhere you may be.

What are your questions, proposals, inquiries or complaint? We encourage you to talk to us and promise you a listening ear.

Our customer support team is the best there is in the world. They are a group of highly trained and disciplined staffs that does not compromise on quality. We treat each client as though he/she is the only one who matters to us, which is of course very true. Yes, you alone matters to us and your compliment, questions or complaint help us to stay focus on our goal and serves as a reminder that we are doing something that is worthwhile.

Our customer support is free, and you can ask any question you wish. It is worth repeating that our support team is the best in what they do. They are the friendliest and warm group to interact with. They are also very confident, disciplined, and very knowledgeable and yet so meekly humble. You can count on our support to handle all of your questions, complaints or proposals. Of course, you will find out that our service, ideas, and advice are the best and you can always depend on it. Something you will bank on.

Being a global web-based organization, we operate on a 24/7 basis all year round, though you can also visit our physical office’s locations in several countries.

Please feel free to contact us on;

London Office 226 – 555 – 7382
Toronto Office 416 – 555 -2635

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