A great solver of crossword puzzles doesn’t always have all the crossword puzzle answers but what he/she always banks on are some tricks and tips. The tips below will develop your skills for solving crossword puzzles. Whether you’re a puzzle solver wanting to progress or a learner, with these tips and skills you will be solving crosswords with more speed and efficiency.


  1. FITB

Generally, the clues that are easiest to solve are the fill-in-the-gap hints. It’s easy to spot them in the clue list, so it’s better to deal with them first. If you’re able to get one or two of the clues, it can set the ball rolling and start you on the right track to solving the puzzle.


  1. Consult the 3-letter, 4-letter, and 5-letter Words

View the grid and look for the hints for all the 3-, 4-, and 5-letter words. In the English language, there’s not a lot of words of this length that are acceptable, so these words tend to crop up in a lot of puzzles. Many of the crosswordese come up here too, so it’s helpful to commit a lot of these repetitive words that come up in crossword puzzles to memory.


  1. Guess

Any crossword puzzle answers you guess can be penciled in lightly, and you can now check the crossing entries. If it’s an online puzzle, entering a guessed answer doesn’t cost you anything as they can be erased with just a mouse click. If your guessed word has letters like J or K that are uncommon, check the crossing entries for them first.


  1. Look up Answers

If you hit some brain block and you’re at a dead end, then you should check the atlas, dictionary, internet or encyclopedia for a way out. The best thing about getting your crossword puzzle answers in this way is that you end up gaining more knowledge than you initially started with.