When placed on the surface, turntables look like simple devices, designed to alter records at a constant speed rate coupled with the transformation of the “data” available in their channels into an electrical signal. But the performance of a turntable determines the kind of music that will be reproduced, and to a large extent, the cost. For more information about this, visit www.pickmyturntable.com.

Ironically, quality turntable produces lesser sound and audibility. That is, the increase in quality is proportional to the lesser sound signal. The reason for this is because quality sounding turntables move out of the way to allow your music sound properly.

There are numerous basic and quality record players to select from with all in the price range of $400. The easiest and simplest to use is the automatic turntables that can be controlled via the push of a button. But many music classicists prefer to use the manual model because they believe that the incorporation of the additional hardware in the automatic model can reduce the quality of the sound.

If there is no dedicated turntable input in your stereo system, you are advised to select a player incorporated with a built-in phono preamp or incorporate an optional external preamp into your system. Finally, the incorporation of turntables with a USB output allows you connect your system and convert the vinyl collection on a car stereo or a smartphone into a digital form. You are advised to follow the procedures highlighted above to select the perfect vinyl record player.

Furthermore, here are the following factors that you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing your perfect vinyl record player:

  1.    Create a budget

It is important to narrow down your options when it comes to buying things. Hence, you need first to determine your budget before you start shopping for turntables, be it online or in various physical stores. The price range of a vinyl record player varies. Vintage turntables in auction sales are relatively cheap. However, brand new turntables are rather expensive, but it wouldn’t have scratches and signs of usage from the previous owner. This kind of vinyl record player is also designed to accommodate the high-end audiophile of the market today.

  1.    Choosing between manual and automatic

As you come across choosing different turntables, you’ll have to choose between a manual or an automatic one. For manual turntables, you’d have to lift the tonearm to the spinning record and lower it again. It’s sometimes called “cueing” by most people. Sellers priced a manual turntable a little bit pricey because there are only a few moving parts and it does not generate any unnecessary noise in the process.

On the other hand, an automatic turntable can be played just by pressing the button. The tonearm will automatically lift itself from resting and moves to the side in order to play the record. It also rests automatically once the record stops. If you consider yourself a novice user, then you’d have to choose an automatic turntable. Not to mention that it’s affordable compared to the previous model.

  1.    Check the cartridge

The cartridge refers to the small part that keeps the stylus in place and connects to the tonearm. If you are going to buy a vintage vinyl record player, since you don’t know the history from its previous owner, it is wise to replace the cartridge of the player. A used cartridge can lower the quality of sound that it generates. Aside from that, it can also cause damage to your records in the long run.

  1.    Choose a turntable you can upgrade

Lastly, you need to make sure that you can upgrade your turntable. Choose the one with replaceable parts. You need to accept the fact that record players will eventually wear out over the time. It is a wise choice if you choose a vinyl record player that you can upgrade if you don’t want to disassemble the whole unit just to fix a minor issue.

This is important if you are also trying to collect vintage items because the longer your vinyl record player will last, the greater its value would be if you introduce it into the market. Most vintage collectors prefer older items and lots of history.

Keep these tips in mind when it comes to buying a vinyl record player—both modern models and vintage ones. A vinyl record player is great for audio enthusiast, aside from the fact that it would make a perfect home decoration. It’s one of the vintage items collectors will never get tired looking for.