If you are a Romanian citizen thinking of working abroad, you need to learn English. If you’re a Romanian freelancer thinking of taking in global clientele, you need to learn English. If you’re a Romanian business owner or consultant and you’re thinking of attracting business from all four corners of the globe, you need to learn English.

I know that sounds inconvenient, but it’s also true. You have to understand that regardless of the fact that China is the world’s second biggest economy and is projected to overtake the United States soon enough, English will continue to remain the world’s language of business for a long, long time to come.

This fact is not going to go away any time soon. You have to understand that when you know English, the world for all intents and purposes pretty much opens up to you. There’s really no other way to say it.

Regardless of what you do, regardless of what kind of business and what kind of industry your business is in, it doesn’t really matter. English is crucial. Unfortunately, for Romanian native speakers, there’s a problem with the way English is normally taught.

Whether we’re taking about a brick and mortar English tutorial system or an online system, most of these places teach English in a very standard way. This is a serious problem because most people are busy. Most people don’t have the time to actually go to a class where they would spend hour upon hour on.

Most of the time, people would rather go to a class, learn a specific concept and then when they have time, take another class. In other words, it has to be set up for every day common people. Unfortunately, this is not how it’s set up.

That’s why a lot of Romanians regardless of how initially excited they are, and how initially motivated they are, flat out fall between the cracks because it just doesn’t work for them. It just doesn’t fit their everyday life. It doesn’t fit their expectation and things don’t pan out. You don’t want to be one of those people.

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This makes picking up a new language easier. You’re less likely to put up a fight when absorbing new concepts. This makes for a much more effective English training experience.

Check out www.neuronenglish.ro today. You owe it to yourself if you are serious about achieving the kind of success you’ve always dreamt of.