Mobile phone tracking is nothing but establishing the location or the position f a mobile phone, be it stationary or while it is in motion. Localization can occur either via GPS or by the multilateration of radio signals amongst different cell towers of the phone and the network. In order to ascertain the location of a mobile device using a multilateration of radio signals, the roaming signal must at least be emitted to contact the nearby antenna tower; most importantly, this procedure does not demand an active call. You can find additional information about this at

Mobile positioning may have location-based services included, such that they reveal the coordinates of the mobile phone. This technology has been in use by telecommunication companies, just so that they can get an approximate location of a mobile network user.

The technology of learning the location of a mobile phone employs the measurement of antenna patterns and power levels. It also employs the theory that a mobile phone that is powered is in constant communication with one of the nearby base stations wirelessly; such knowledge of a nearby base station tells that there is cell phone close by.

Advanced systems are responsible for determining the sector that the mobile phone is located and giving a rough estimate of the distance to the base station. An additional approximation can still be executed by having the signals interpolated between adjacent antenna towers.