The acquisition of knowledge is a complex process and one that requires the guidance of someone well experienced in the art. In time past, only the wealthy nobles could afford to pay for the education of their wards, and they usually go for the best acclaimed genius of the time.

While learning is cheap nowadays, especially web based learning; the learning process has not changed much in the sense that it requires a more knowledgeable person to transfer his/knowledge to another for learning to take place. In the past, it was easy to find a tutor because the numbers of educated citizens were small, and all were well known. The same cannot be said of today’s globalized world where contact with a tutor is not necessary.

The world and the internet are full of false claims and scammers who are prowling the cyber space looking for the inexperienced folks to take advantage of. For this reason, it has become highly necessarily to use authority sites to find a perfect online resource center. The Internet does not discriminate on the type of information being uploaded every second. As the internet has turned into the center of learning, there has also become a vast pool of information sources on the web. However, not all these sites (source) have quality information. In fact, some of the sources are outright garbage and are virtually useless. Thus it is not just important to learn it is more important to learn how to learn

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