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Knowledge is power” so goes a popular cliché. Indeed, it is a truism that knowledge is a powerful tool in the hand of its possessor. It is even more so in this time that referred to as the age of information. When an individual is armed with the right information and knowledge, he/she will save valuable time and energy he/she could have expended on trying to discover how something works. It takes information to succeed in business and in business.

From ancient times, man has always sought the knowledge to understand himself and his surroundings. The quest for the understanding of self and nature, in turn, gave rise to the desire to pass the knowledge to the coming generation.

Before human learned the art of writing, learning and knowledge was passed down orally and was clearly defective as people can quickly forget what they were taught pretty too soon. The invention of writing was a welcomed advancement as it made learning easier and knowledge could be preserved for a long time. However, it was expensive to learn, and only the rich could afford to pay for it.

The invention of the typewriter dramatically changed the learning landscape, and books became quickly printed in large quantities and transported from one country to another, thus spreading knowledge and making learning accessible and less costly.

The Internet as the Never Ending Revolution

The advent of the internet has completely and dramatically changed the process and concept of learning and knowledge acquisition in a way that was not imagined just some few decades back. The internet has thrown up a vast pool of learning resources and sources. It has made it possible to learn quickly and anywhere, even in the comfort of our bedrooms. Anyone can now learn or be trained in the most complex field without traveling great distances or spending a fortune.

Montparnasse, the Gateway to Knowledge

As the internet has turned into the center of learning, there has also become a vast pool of information sources on the internet. This sounds great; however, not all these sites (source) have quality information. In fact, some of the sources are outright garbage, and are virtually useless. Montparnasse came around for the need to tackle and solve this problem. To do this, regularly scans the web with its powerful tools for information/training source on the internet. The information/training found are analyzed by a group of highly trained experts in that particular field who then determined whether the information/training contained in it is worthwhile.

The good sources of quality information/training on the internet are listed on to help you easily navigate through the confusing maze of the internet. The list is regularly updated to remove old non-working links and add new sources. Montparnasse will continue to provide quality gateways to learning/training on the internet.

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In this time and age when the man with the right information holds all the cards and make the rule, learning has become more than important like never before. As important as it is, it must be emphasized that one does not.

Discover Kratom and Unleash Your Inner French Artist

Discover Kratom and Unleash Your Inner French Artist

For the longest time, they stereotyped of the starving artist involved in some sort of French accent or at the very least some sort of Parisian beret. It almost never fails that when you look at cartoons from the 1950s onwards, the stereotype of the artist is somebody...

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Discover Kratom and Unleash Your Inner French Artist

Discover Kratom and Unleash Your Inner French Artist

For the longest time, they stereotyped of the starving artist involved in some sort of French accent or at the very least some sort of Parisian beret. It almost never fails that when you look at cartoons from the 1950s onwards, the stereotype of the artist is somebody with a thick French artist and is wearing some sort of beret.

Often times, the person had a goatee. There’s a reason for this. For the longest time, a lot of the French academic and artistic elite lived in Montparnasse, France. This is a suburb of Paris and this is where the heavy-duty intellectuals live and boy, did they have quite a bit of an influence, not just all over France, not just Europe, but all over the world.

This is why it’s a good idea if you want to channel a lot of the internal spirit, mindset, and attitude of that long-gone era. You don’t have to go far, you can just discover Kratom.

Kratom is an amazing herb from Southeast Asia. Based originally in Thailand, Kratom has spread through neighboring countries. It goes under different names.

Still, it has been used for hundreds of years for all sorts of medicinal purposes. It has been used as a treatment for Opium addiction. It has been used for people to lose weight. It has been used to improve mental functions.

In other words, it has been used for a wide range of purposes that leads to better health and wellness. If you’re sick and tired of taking vitamins every day, if a lot of the supplements that you’ve been taking haven’t really been up to job, you might want to level up.

Seriously, you might want to step up and discover Kratom. It helps you truly unleash your full potential. I’m not just talking about energy here, although the energy component of Kratom is definitely something to write home about.

You see, in the span of a day, most of us drink coffee or some sort of stimulant. We get all pumped up, but a lot of that energy is really wasted heat. You’re basically just running around in circles and chasing your tail and achieving very little. It’s just empty energy.

Kratom pumps you up in such a way that it also influences your willpower. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but my ability to focus changes. It’s as if instead of seeing the world in a very bright way, it kind of narrows out into some sort of laser focus and I’m able to knock out one task at a time.

Let me tell you, whether you are working at a job, trying to take care of your to-do-list or trying to hit the gym consistently. You need that focus. You need that state of mind and the best part about Kratom is it’s able to do that.

This is not hype. This is not theory. This is not speculation. This is the real deal. Disocver it today at

In other words, this is the kind of news you’ve been waiting for a long time. Whether you’re looking to unleash your inner artist or unleash your unstoppable self-hell-bent on exercised discipline, Kratom may be the solution you’ve been waiting all these years for. Check it out.

Shakeology Recipes Can be a Work of Art in Terms of Formulation

Shakeology Recipes Can be a Work of Art in Terms of Formulation

The funny thing about art is that it’s too easy for people to restrict it in some sort of form. Seriously, a lot of people say that art is just a painting. Art is sculpture. Art is arts and crafts.

In other words, they’re confusing the media or the end product with the process of art. What if I told you that art is the process? What if I told you that art is about being in the present moment and not knowing what comes next?

It’s being surprised by this weird combination that just comes out of nowhere. It’s the anticipation or the sense of impending beauty or the range of emotional turbulence that you go through that really constitutes art.

That blows the minds of most people because they can’t quite wrap their mind around it. They’re always looking at the final product. They’re always looking at the painting, the paint on the canvas, the chipped rock, the cloth arranged in a certain way, the colors, the texture.

They’re focused on the medium instead of the process. This is why the American art world really blew up when in controversy, when the famous abstract expressionist artist, Jackson Pollock made the scene.

You know what Pollock’s artwork was? He would basically drip paint on canvas. That’s it. Now, the first impression of a lot of people is, “I can do that. Why pay this guy millions of dollars for something a three-year-old could do?”

Well, here’s the thing. Jackson Pollock didn’t just splash paint on a canvas and called it a day. Instead, he had an elaborate dance that he would go through as he dripped paint all over the canvas.

What you see is actually the signature or the final product of the process. The real art is in the dance. The real art is in the anticipation and that blew my mind when I saw videos of Jackson Pollock doing this because his work really summarized what art has always been.

It’s the process. It’s not the destination. It’s kind of like being a kid going to Disneyland. It’s the trip to Disneyland that is the most fun, not being in Disneyland itself.

Do you see where I’m coming from? This is why you can find art everywhere, even in terms of the formulation of shakeology shake recipes. I know that sounds crazy, but when you look at the formulation, you can see the attention to detail.

You can see many different options out there, but the person making the formulation chose on set of options over another. There is art in there.

So, do yourself a big favor. Understand how the art process works. Get in to that mindset and you will quickly realize, sooner rather than later, that art is pretty much everywhere.

The Huntspot Website Shows French Artistic Patterns

The Huntspot Website Shows French Artistic Patterns

What if I told you that painting an awesome creation or work of art requires the patience and attention to detail of a hunter? Now, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a vegetarian or pescetarian. This has nothing to do with hunting and eating meat.

Instead, it has everything to do with the mindset, the patience level and the attention to detail of a hunter. When you hunt, you look at the big picture.

What exactly is going on? What do I have to work with? Where does this all lead to? Where are things roughly in front of me?

You may not see it right in front of you, but you can pretty much roughly estimate where things fall. You then make a serious strategic decisions and taking command over the reality and ultimately, you bend it to your will.

That is art. Art starts with just a slab of stone. It starts with an empty canvas. It starts with water color. It all comes down to imposing your will on these raw ingredients and tools to create something out of nothing. You have to make that decision. The artist has to be that prime mover-the initial spark that gets the whole creative process going.

A lot of people are blind to this. In fact, there are too many people who believe that art is just like any other product out there. Mass produced. If you’ve seen one, you have seen them all. This is a common misconception. The whole point of art is that it is supposed to be special and one of a kind. No wonder the price of most pieces go up once the artist dies because collectors can’t buy any more. The inventory stops at the death of the artist.

That’s what’s so mystical and magical about the creative process and a lot of French artists living in Montparnasse can attest to this. Picasso can definitely attest to this. This is why it’s a good idea to be inspired by hunting because when you hunt, you learn the patience required to look for the right inspiration and go with it.

Often times, great artists just get hit with inspiration and out of nowhere, they come up with amazing works of art. It takes patience to do this. It takes a mindset of a hunter. You need to slice and dice everything and put them all back together in a manner that makes sense.

That’s how you turn raw inspiration or hunches into something that people all over the world can appreciate. Adopting the hunter mindset which you get from visiting the Huntspot website can definitely pay off tremendously. It doesn’t happen overnight, but the more you repeat it, the better you get at it. So, you better start now.

High Quality French Tourism and Travel Destination Websites Need Top-Notch Hosting

High Quality French Tourism and Travel Destination Websites Need Top-Notch Hosting

I know you’re crazy about the Montparnasse section of Paris. I really do. Believe me, I’ve been there and I know why you’re excited. There is a lot to love.

After all, this is the part of Paris that a lot of down on their luck or seemingly bankrupt or broke French artists made their home. Now, the vast majority of them died in obscurity, but enough of them became famously known for Montparnasse to develop some sort of mystique.

It is kind of like a high-end low-end place to live in. I know that sounds like a contradiction in terms so let me explain myself. Montparnasse, for the longest time, didn’t look like much. It looked like the depressed part of town, but its richness really revolved around the people that lived there.

It may have low rent. It may have a lot of vandalism. I may have a lot of trash and other filth, but it was populated by hard-core intellectuals, a lot of up and coming artists, poets, and movers and shakers in the publishing industry.

In other words, it was where all the cool kids hung out to slum. There’s really no other way to describe the situation because a lot of them came from rich families, but there they were living like people down on their luck.

That was the mystique of Montparnasse. I mean, Picasso lived there. That’s all you need to know. So, there’s no surprise you’re excited about promoting everything and anything related to Montparnasse and other French destination.

I definitely encourage you to do that because although France has more than its fair share of annual tourists, it can definitely be used more. Well, here’s the thing. If you’re going to be putting up a French travel website or some sort of tourism promotion website, you need top-notch hosting.

Otherwise, you’re shooting yourself on the foot. If people interested in France or traveling in France end up on your website only to draw a 404 page not found error, what do you think they’ll think? What do you think that their impression will be?

Well, here’s a hint. It’s not going to be a positive one. In fact, whatever travel objectives you may have had originally, you can basically flush them down the toilet. I know it sounds harsh, but it’s the absolute truth.

You have to step up and make a great first impression. This is where top-notch hosting comes in. When your website is hosted in solid gold hosting, it’s going to appear on command. In other words, people only need to load the domain and your website will come up every day. It’s extremely reliable.

You can trust on it. You can hang your hat on it. You don’t have to worry about it. That’s the kind of reliability you should look for.

Now you may be thinking, “Okay, you sold me on needing top-notch hosting, but how can I tell the many service providers out there apart? How can I make the right decision?” Well, that’s a good and valid question.

Thankfully, there is an easy answer. It’s easier than you think. It’s all about reverse engineering. To get the inside scoop on high quality hosting for your French travel destination website, read a Bluehost review. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.

When you read a well-written Bluehost review, you would know about the selection factors that you need to keep top of mind so you can make the right choice again and again, as far as your hosting options are concerned.


To read more about how crucial the right guitar music is to an art scene click here

To read more about how crucial the right guitar music is to an art scene click here

I remember going to college in California and one of the most interesting memories that I had has nothing to do with great surrounding or very expensive cars or toys like that.

Usually, when people think about the best things in life, they usually think of luxury items. They think about great vacations or really exciting and interesting celebrities that they met along the way.

None of that is involved in my greatest memory of Northern California. When I was in college, we would all hang out at the square and there would be all these people. We’re talking about people from all walks of life.

There are fraternity guys who come from very wealthy families from Northern and Central California. There are druggies; people who are addicted to all sorts of substances. There are homeless people. There are college activists; the kinds who make the news because of the altercations they get into with the police.

In the other words, it was a great cross action of the typical Berkeley left of center with a smattering of no conservative voices in the crowd. What really cemented this particular memory in my mind on a really deep and resonant personal level was that regardless of our differences in lifestyle, regardless of how much money we have or didn’t have, and regardless of what educational attainment, we all agreed on one thing and one thing alone: music.

In this square, people were playing guitars, people who were just random homeless people or travelling hippies were just banging on buckets to turn them into drums. It was this environment of invention, creativity and randomness that really made for a truly creative atmosphere.

This is the kind of creative atmosphere that you don’t get in places like Stanford in Palo Aalto. You just don’t get that. Everything there is ordered. Everything there is logical. Here it’s more creative. Everything is flowing from the heart.

And it’s no surprise that  a lot of these students that formed that drum circle at 6:00 PM every Friday night went on to become doctors, lawyers, business leaders. Some became congressmen. This is the kind of thing that Northern California fostered.

In fact, when I think about those nostalgic memories, I started thinking about the importance of the right guitar. Make no mistake about it. You have to read more about the right types of guitar to really get your local art scene music component going.

If you want to foster this kind of creative environment regardless of where you are, you need to get the right guitars.  You definitely need to click here to read more about the right kind of guitar that makes the right kind of sound.


Check out for high-quality English language courses

Check out for high-quality English language courses

If you are a Romanian citizen thinking of working abroad, you need to learn English. If you’re a Romanian freelancer thinking of taking in global clientele, you need to learn English. If you’re a Romanian business owner or consultant and you’re thinking of attracting business from all four corners of the globe, you need to learn English.

I know that sounds inconvenient, but it’s also true. You have to understand that regardless of the fact that China is the world’s second biggest economy and is projected to overtake the United States soon enough, English will continue to remain the world’s language of business for a long, long time to come.

This fact is not going to go away any time soon. You have to understand that when you know English, the world for all intents and purposes pretty much opens up to you. There’s really no other way to say it.

Regardless of what you do, regardless of what kind of business and what kind of industry your business is in, it doesn’t really matter. English is crucial. Unfortunately, for Romanian native speakers, there’s a problem with the way English is normally taught.

Whether we’re taking about a brick and mortar English tutorial system or an online system, most of these places teach English in a very standard way. This is a serious problem because most people are busy. Most people don’t have the time to actually go to a class where they would spend hour upon hour on.

Most of the time, people would rather go to a class, learn a specific concept and then when they have time, take another class. In other words, it has to be set up for every day common people. Unfortunately, this is not how it’s set up.

That’s why a lot of Romanians regardless of how initially excited they are, and how initially motivated they are, flat out fall between the cracks because it just doesn’t work for them. It just doesn’t fit their everyday life. It doesn’t fit their expectation and things don’t pan out. You don’t want to be one of those people.

This is why you should just go to  What makes this service so different is that they have an instruction system that is geared towards working people. It’s an instruction system that takes advantage of how your mind works and works with your mind instead of against it.

This makes picking up a new language easier. You’re less likely to put up a fight when absorbing new concepts. This makes for a much more effective English training experience.

Check out today. You owe it to yourself if you are serious about achieving the kind of success you’ve always dreamt of.

Take your Montparnasse experience to the next level by bringing along the kind of Segway board UK fun seekers love

Take your Montparnasse experience to the next level by bringing along the kind of Segway board UK fun seekers love

Montparnasse is really an amazing place just by looking at the buildings, the classic French architecture and the general attitude of the people here. You have to understand that if you visited Paris, Parisians are quite world famous for being rude.

They make a big deal of the fact that you’re a stranger. They make a big deal of the fact that you’re there to visit or that you’re some sort of tourist. They really make that plainly known to you. In fact, the concept of a stuck up, obnoxious, or even rude Paris waiter is quite popular all over the world.

When a stereotypical image becomes popular, you can bet that a lot of what accounts for its popularity is due to the fact that it contains quite a bit of truth. For the longest time, Paris people do tend to seem like they’re looking down their nose on the rest of the world.

Believe it or not, when you go to Montparnasse which is on the outskirts of Paris, you get to see a different side of this part of the world. There are still some issues. I’m not saying that that’s completely gone away. But you get to see the more mellow part. You get to see the more open-minded and experimental part.

Do yourself a big favor. If you have discovered the distinct charms and appeal of the Montparnasse neighborhood, take that experience to the next level. I’m not necessarily talking about going to the next poetry slam or the next door to door art festival although those are a lot of fun.

Instead, I’m talking about doing something fairly basic. That’s right! By just simply renting or bringing along the kind of Segway board UK fun seekers love, you get to see Montparnasse from a totally different perspective. You get to enjoy Montparnasse with what would seem like a fresh and new set of eyes.

How do you do this? You just need to get on your hoverboard and just checkout the different sections of Montparnasse. You do it leisurely.  You do it at your own time. You can definitely do it on your own terms.

Let me tell you, this is one of the best things you could ever do because you get to see what the big deal about this part of Paris is. It really brings the message home that there’s definitely a lot to experience. There’s definitely a lot to enjoy. So invest in a Segway board and you’ll be surprised as to how much enjoyable your trip is to this part of Paris, France.

Paris is awesome. Don’t get me wrong but you need to take matters into your own hands to make it really live up to your expectations. Yes, it is possible.

Montparnasse accommodation units look so much better with garden decking

Montparnasse accommodation units look so much better with garden decking

The first time I went to Montparnasse, I was really blown away. In a way, it’s kind of like visiting the Berkley or Haight Ashbury section of San Francisco. Similarly, it’s like visiting old Venice in Los Angeles.

What really struck me was the sense of artistry. This was a district where mostly artists lived. For the longest time, artists were of course poor, struggling and they really couldn’t afford all the finer things in life but they can create.

So Montparnasse was that really interesting place, at least as far as France was concerned, where people might not have that much money but they created very beautiful things. Montparnasse looked very distinctive although a lot of the specific items, furniture, appliances, or what have you in the place where kind of low level and cheap.

This was the magic of Montparnasse. Because when people did that, the artistry, creativity and imagination of its citizens, really compensated for the fact that this is a place that had a lot of crime, addiction, and a lot of the typical problems that you would normally associate with an urban core.

Generally speaking, middle class families who have a reputation to protect small kids to race would stir clear of such places. That’s just how it was. But given the heavy fire power of the artists that lived here, it has now become a high end part of town. Funny how that works, right?

Believe me, it also works in America. So when you go to Venice now or Haight Ashbury, they’re actually very expensive places. In fact, almost all of San Francisco is expensive even the places where you get shot on the head when you show up at the wrong time, at the wrong place and at the wrong neighborhood.

It’s kind of crazy but that’s just how real estate prices work. Montparnasse is not different. There are many places that look really messed up. They look worn out and badly maintained but they still fetch really high rents.

If you are thinking of buying such a place but you are trying to save money, here’s the thing. Do a little bit of cosmetic touchups here and there and you should be fine.

How do you do this? Please understand that Montparnasse accommodation units look so much more presentable and so much more rentable with garden decking. By simply investing on garden decking or small touches like that, you are able to stand out from the crowd and your place would rent so much quicker. That’s the bottom line. Stay focused on it and you will make money-sometimes hand over fist. Lose sight of it and you will continue to struggle. Real story. No joke.

Never lose your cell phone again when traveling through Montparnasse by using Telefonnummer Orten

Never lose your cell phone again when traveling through Montparnasse by using Telefonnummer Orten

Telefonnummer Orten can save your phone. I know that sounds like a bold claim, but it’s true. It’s no joke. True story!

I know you probably have heard that claim before. After all, Apple phone units have a built in location system. So what’s the big deal about Telefonnummer Orten? What makes it any more special than the typical android setup? Why should people use this system instead of Apple’s default phone location process?

Here’s the answer. Sophisticated crooks and there are many of them, located all over the world have figured out how to crack the iPhone system. In fact, they have created such a smooth and seamless process of depriving people of their expensive iPhones and flushing those stolen phones through the underground economy with nobody being the wiser.

That’s how quick, smooth and efficient they are. Unfortunately, if you have stored a lot of very important personal data on your phone, you can pretty much kiss your phone goodbye. Not exactly a comforting thought. It definitely doesn’t warm your heart but this is the fact of the matter.

You have to step up. You have to be proactive. Otherwise, regardless of where you’re travelling, there’s a high chance that might lose your phone. Believe it or not, people tend to lose their phone when they’re travelling more often than when they’re staying at home.

It actually should not be a surprise because when you are going about your daily routine, you pretty much go from point A to point B without thinking about it. If you are, for example, doing errands around your residence, you pretty much know where everything is. You know people. You know your daily routine.

This sense of awareness basically has certain security features built into it. You know how to conduct yourself. You know how to do things the right way. You go through a certain series of steps. You have a certain well-worn and automatic series of habits that you stick to day in and day out.

When you go travelling, everything is up in the air because you’re in a completely different setting. You haven’t been there before so you don’t know what exactly to do. So everything is new to you. In many case, you’re trying to figure things out.

It’s when you are out of your comfort zone that your phone has a higher chance of being lost. This is especially true when you’re travelling through Montparnasse. Unless you live there or you have some sort of rental unit there, chances are you’re passing through.

 This is going to be an issue because if you’re not completely familiar or you don’t have that same habitual mindset, you might overlook things. Details might fall between the cracks. You might not be able to see the big picture. And soon enough, your phone for whatever reason and whatever time gets lost.

Thankfully, by using Telefonnummer Orten, you give yourself peace of mind. You really do. You just need to go to the website, associate it with this service, download the app and install it on your phone. Once you’ve installed it on your phone, it would configure your phone to constantly ping or reach out to cellphone signals.

By constantly sending out signals while its battery is still good, your phone basically ensures that it cannot be lost. How? You only need to login to a website and track your phone.

Once you know where your phone is, you can then call the local police. You can call the local people you know. You can otherwise, take control of the situation.

You can’t just basically take this lying down and resign yourself to the fact that you would have to buy another phone that costs hundreds of dollars. You can’t just take the hit and kiss goodbye all those pleasant memories recorded by your phone. You don’t have to do any of that.

However, you only have a few hours to recover your phone. After all, your battery is only alive for a few hours. So make no mistake about it. This Telefonnummer Orten system enables you to get a solid shot at retrieving your phone. Don’t blow this opportunity.  Take full advantage of it.

Enhance the water quality of your Montparnasse accommodations by buying an Ecosmart water heater

Enhance the water quality of your Montparnasse accommodations by buying an Ecosmart water heater

If you are living in the Montparnasse area and you would like to rent out a room or two to make extra money, you have to make sure you do it right. You see, when you live in a unit whether you own it or you’re the primary lessee, it’s easy to take things for granted.

For example, that leaky faucet that you put a bucket under, you probably have gone so accustomed to it. You don’t even see it. You probably are so familiar with that routine of getting a new bucket after it fills up and using the excess water to flush out your toilet.  Then, you might even be thinking that this is perfectly natural. This is a standard business.

Think again! This is not standard operating procedures. Most people would like plumbing that doesn’t leak. Most people would like the basic amenities of any typical accommodation regardless of whether it’s in Montparnasse or anywhere else in the world to meet certain minimum quality standards.

Otherwise, you might run into trouble with the law. This is also going to get in the way of you leasing out the unit in the first place. This is why it’s really important to pay attention to water temperature.

I know that in certain times of the year, you really don’t have to worry about it. Whether you live in France, Spain or Germany because let’s face it, in the summer, water temperature is not really that big of a problem.

Here’s the thing, Paris just like any other part of Europe can and does get quite cold at certain parts of the year. Sometimes, you are greeted with a freak cold front or winter storm and things can get really nasty.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing nastier than having to wake up with a cold blast of water the first thing in the morning. That’s not exactly the ideal way to start off your day. Do you see where I’m coming from?

This is why it’s a good idea to step into the shoes of people who may potentially lease your Montparnasse accommodation. Look at the situation from their perspective.  What would they be interested in? What kind of creature comforts would they insist on?

Let me tell you. One of these should be warm running water. This is running water that’s not leaking. This is running water that is clean. These are small things. In fact, these are basic. You should be able to take these for granted. Unfortunately, regardless of how advanced France is, there’ still many parts of the country that have landlords that have basically let their facilities fall apart.

Don’t be one of those landlords. Do yourself a big favor. Enhance the water quality of your unit by increasing the temperature reliably. How do you do this? Buy an Ecosmart water heater. That’s how you do it!

Montparnasse artists can teach us a few things about League of legends memes

Montparnasse artists can teach us a few things about League of legends memes

The funny thing about memes is that they tend to have a life of their own. If you’ve ever shared any kind of meme in the past, you would notice that they have an internal logic that presents information in such a way that it transcends social groups and contexts.

In other words, they remain funny for a long time regardless of the fact that you have sliced and diced or swapped out the internal message they contain. If you don’t believe me, just look at the meme of Game of Thrones lead character saying “One does not simply…” and he is making an “O” gesture with his fingers.

You can apply all sorts of context and all sorts of meanings into that meme but it will continue to be effective. Its effectiveness really depends on people’s familiarity of the character as well as the emotional resonance of the message being carried by the meme.

This is why it’s been around for so long. And believe it or not, Montparnasse artists can tell you quite a lot about the effectiveness of memes. It really all boils down to two things: message selection, and message variability.

In other words, when you create a meme, the starting picture must be so easy to understand and so easy to approach regardless of where in the world you come from. Even if you haven’t seen Game of Thrones, you can still have some sort of emotional connection with the message. That’s why League of Legends memes are so important.

It’s not just a question of being funny. It’s not just a question of letting people who play the game all day every day understand that you also are addicted to the game. Anybody can do that. Instead, effective League of Legends memes reflect a lot of the artistic license of Montparnasse artists. They show a range of imagination. They show focus on message. They also show a focus on context. Context is crucial. I know, it’s not popular. It’s definitely uncomfortable for a lot of people. Context can make or break your deal. This is the key.

If you get the context straight, your meme regardless of how simple, or basic or even ugly it looks, will probably continue to stick around for a long, long time to come. That’s how you should size up memes regardless whether they’re League of Legends memes or not. It all boils down to durability. And a lot of durability can be traced to the psychological state and realities of people consuming such materials.

When it comes to navigating the psychological internal landscape of people, nobody’s got that down like the science that Montparnasse artist or French impressionists.

Even Montparnasse visitors need the right gaming accounts

Even Montparnasse visitors need the right gaming accounts

Usually, when people talk about video games like League of Legends, they don’t usually think about high art. For better or worse, when people think or talk about the Montparnasse District in France, they talk about art.

After all, this is the part of Paris, France where the French impressionist masters and other movers and shakers in the historical art movement built their residence. It used to be kind of like a rundown part of Paris. It’s kind of like a place where the artists and struggling entrepreneurs hung out. This is where all the small timers basically lick their wounds as they try to move up the French social food chain.

Well, fast forward to today, it’s really a high class place. It’s very hard to find some sort of low class Bohemian with no money. It’s like everybody’s loaded. Everybody’s rich. And this is why the place could use a little bit of calming down.

When everybody’s concerned about status, when everybody’s concerned about how much money they have, things can get quite tense. It’s as if people are always sizing you up. You get this sense that people are asking themselves, “Does this person really have money? Why is this person here? How did this person afford the rent here? Or is this person an owner or a renter?” That kind of thing.

It gets old quickly. So do yourself a big favor. If you feel the tension, you might want to take the first step. You have to understand that if you want any kind of change in this world, you have to change yourself because it’s hard enough to change yourself. Can you imagine even trying to change other people?

It’s simply not going to happen. You have to take the lead. You have to lead by example. Make no mistake about it, if you’re visiting Montparnasse, either as a casual visitor, a tourist or a potential owner, a lessor or lessee, you might want to chill out.

How do you do this? Well, if you’re hanging at your Montparnasse bed and breakfast, play League of Legends. After few hours of playing League of Legends game after game after game, you mellow out. Why? Well, getting your butt beat all day every day tends to do that to you.

It may turn out that you’re not all that hot. It may turn out that you have not figured out everything. A little bit of humility goes a long way and you can reset your mindset by playing League of Legends. With that said, losing can only take you so far.

Eventually get sold, you may want to win from time to time. You may want to remain engaged in the game. This is why it’s always a good idea to get LoL gaming accounts. With these accounts, you can stay in the game. You can win enough times for you to remain properly engaged so you stay in the game far longer than you would otherwise.

This is a big deal because if you want to learn anything, you have to stick to it. You have to do it day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. Whether we’re talking about the practice of law, the practice of medicine, being good with members of the opposite sex, painting better paintings, whatever the case may be, you need to stick to it.

Unfortunately, with League of Legends, it’s hard to stick regardless of how much fun it is. While it does bring a tremendous amount of exciting to the table, most people can only take so many defeats. When you buy the right LOL gaming accounts, you will be able to win long enough for you to remain engaged so you can level up your skills. That’s what these gaming accounts are for. That’s what they are being sold for.

Use them for the right reasons, and they will not fail you.

How to read sewing machines reviews like a French artist

How to read sewing machines reviews like a French artist is a celebration of everything and anything related to the famous Montparnasse District of France. This is the historical district where amazing French artists lived in. Whether you’re a big fan of French impressionist are or whether you’re just a big fan of art history, Montparnasse should occupy a special place in your mind, if not your heart.

After all, modern art originated in France. I know it’s hard to believe given the fact that the certain of gravity in the modern art world has switched irrevocably to New York City. But this hasn’t always been the case. In fact, prior to 1914, the center of the art world was firmly French. We’re talking about Paris, France.

This was the case for at least 200 years prior. If you’re looking for anything and everything related to European culture, high society or the finer things in life, you only needed to look at Paris, France and would not have to worry about anything else. Paris, France was the center of the world as far as anything art-related was concerned. But things changed after World War I and things pretty much looked permanent after World War II.

But make no mistake about it. Montparnasse still resonates in so many levels with the art world. You really cannot consider yourself a truly cultured person without at least having some passing knowledge regarding this part of France. This is why it’s a good idea to get into the mindset of a French artist because believe it or not, it is actually quite practical.

When you assume the sensibility of a French artist and it doesn’t really matter whether the artist is Cubist or Impressionist. You get to understand value. You get to size up the importance of value and you also become fully aware of the importance of context. You see, something is only valuable when you compare it to something else. There’s always context to everything. This is what a lot of people miss out especially when it comes to practical day to day concerns when buying consumer products.

For example, when you read sewing machines reviews, it’s very easy to think that just because the reviewer gets all excited about a particular range of products that this is the end-all and be-all solution to all your problems. The problem is that when you’re using so many machines, you’re not just using it in one context. You’re not just using it to produce one readily predictable and unchanging set of outcomes.

If you are anywhere near like the average consumer of such machines, you need to change. They not only change now but will probably change in the future. That’s just the way life is. And if you rely on sewing machines reviews that seem like they are set in stone, you are going to have a problem.

This is why thinking like a French artist, like for example, Picasso and Braque, you tend to see situations. You tend to see the changing and temporary nature of situations. This enables you to make decisions that will continue to be relevant and effective long into the future.

This is how you read sewing machines reviews like a French artist. You notice how temporary things are. You also can trace solutions to outcomes and results. That’s how it works. Believe or not, it may seem wild right now but it is actually quite practical. It might seem irrelevant at some level but if you actually practice this, you’d be surprised as to how predictable your results become.


Enhance the rental value of your mature Montparnasse unit with outdoor lights

Enhance the rental value of your mature Montparnasse unit with outdoor lights

The Montparnasse District of France is very historic, very pretty and can be quite competitive. You may be thinking that as a renter, “How can it be competitive? After all, the rental rates are so high.”

That’s what makes it competitive because there are lots of people bidding up rental units in this space. It’s easy to see why. It’s a very beautiful place. It definitely has a lot of history. A lot of artistic, sophisticated and high net worth people from all over the world would like to have a piece of Montparnasse.

After all, a piece of this real estate region is really a piece of French cultural legacy. If you’re going to have a second home at any spot of this planet, chances are you’d probably would want it  either in a sub-urban Paris, in the Manhattan section of New York city or somewhere else that’s very, very nice or very well renowned.

Interestingly enough, the Montparnasse area qualifies for all three. It is very nice. It is very renowned. It is quite sophisticated. It is no surprise that people from all over the world bid up the real estate market here. The rents are sky-high precisely because people want to move here.

As competitive as it is, people are still very discriminating. In other words, people who are looking to rent here are not just going to take any unit. You can’t just offer a ram shackle unit that you yourself would not want to live in and expect people to pay top dollar for. That simply is not going to happen.

You have to understand that this part of France is in high demand for very different reasons than other places on the world have high demand real estate. For example, in Manhattan, people bid up the price and rents of units there because they want to work in Manhattan. It’s really all about their job or their career.

Not so with Montparnasse. Usually, people move here for cultural enrichment. They move here for a change of place. They move here for a wide range of personal, emotional, and psychological reasons.  And accordingly, since they are renting for those really personal reasons, they want the very best.

So you’re perceived value must be really high. So do yourself a big favor. Enhance the rental value of your particular Montparnasse unit by investing in outdoor lights. I know this piece of advice may seem basic. In fact, to a lot of people, it might even seem like common sense. But believe me, it’s quite rare.

Do yourself a big favor. Outdoor lights can definitely enhance the ambiance the people are looking for. It definitely takes the experience of people to want to spend time in your Montparnasse unit to a whole other level. Don’t be shy about it. Look at the impact on other rental units and make your decision accordingly.